The Black Sheep Wednesday

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July 11, 2013 by Chris French



Today started bright and early at 7:30 with a quick trip to the Central church of Christ to load food bags. If you’ve never lived a moment in a food bags life you can watch the video here

After Central part of our group broke off and went to build a house for a single mother with 5 kids. I heard tale of digging up rocks, putting up a roof and painting. They were all sunburned and tired when they got back to the hotel, but they accomplished quite a bit

When the rest of our group got to El Chaguiton church of Christ we split into two groups. One group went to the Gospel Meeting, one of our guys got to preach, while the rest of us did the VBS. We sang some songs in Spanish and were struggling so one of the Salvadorians led the kids in the Spanish version of the song we were singing in English. Pretty cool! The guys at the Gospel Meeting handed out reading glasses and food bags and we went to the next congregation.

Rosario de la Paz was hot! El Chaguiton was too, but it was earlier in the day while we were there. Now it was the hottest part of the day. The VBS and Gospel Meeting duet happened again. At both congregations I got to lead the kids in a craft. We broke the large group up into sections of 10 to expedite the sheep making. Let’s just say my group struggled, because my sheep was going to have some serious bald spots until Kelly swooped in to save the sheep craft. I did better at Rosario, but there were 15-20 kids in my group. Have you ever tried to get 15 five year olds to do anything? I tried to get them to pull the cotton balls apart to make them cover more room on the paper sheep body. They looked at me. I pulled another cotton ball apart. They looked at me. Finally a couple of them figured it out and showed the others so the 2nd attempt at sheep making was saved at the last moment by a Spanish speaking 5 year old.





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