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July 13, 2013 by Chris French


This morning we were treated with an insider’s view of Salvadorian life. In the past we meet the people at the congregations so we don’t get to see their homes. Today the veil was lifted. Project Red has been working with the families we saw today helping them reintegrate kids taken from troubled homes. They help educate the children and teach the parents how to raise their children. They teach hygiene and build houses and bathrooms that facilitate hygiene. Our first trip was to a family whose house was going to be built next week so we got to experience their life before anyone helped them. It was rough! Their kitchen was a small room with a kettle over a tiny fire. To cook, shower or wash someone had to straddle the crumbling makeshift septic corridor, fight fire ants and avoid El Salvadorian poison ivy. The trip was not long, but it was literally fraught with danger! (I don’t find many opportunities to use “fraught” so I thought I’d lay it on you).

The lady led our group down the path she takes multiple times every day, and after the fire ants most of our group was ready to go back. Ahead lay more mud? poison ivy, small stairs and then you get the water and start the return trip! There isn’t a bathroom on the premises so they find a tree. Project Red will build this family a house with working plumbing for a bathroom and a shower.

Next we visited the family’s house part of our group had helped build this week. Red dedicated the house and put a plaque up indicating that God had provided the house. We had the awesome opportunity to bring several bikes to the kids living in the house. One of the little boys had never ridden a bike before so one of the guys from our group steadied him as the little guy worked the pedals. All of the kids faces lit up when they got onto their bikes, but they’re not just fun. The family lives a couple of miles from the closet school so the bikes are also transportation.

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