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July 14, 2013 by Chris French





Today was our day to do VBS with Project Red. All the families Red has helped or are currently helping brought their kids to Red’s headquarters so we could teach them. Hello gift horse!

We sang some VBS songs, did our craft and puppet skit and finished out our time with the kids by overloading them with candy, toys and balloon animals. We played, shared and laughed with a group of kids who have as close to next to nothing that it doesn’t really matter. We’re talking extreme poverty. And we got to make them smile and laugh for an entire morning. The best part? While we’re doing VBS another part of our group was inside presenting the Gospel to their parents! Talk about changing your family tree! A brand new house is awesome, but hearing that there’s a way out of sin and into a right relationship with God is life changing!

Our next stop is one of my favorite parts of our trip. Three years ago when we came to the Children’s Home for the first time the directors didn’t tell the kids we were coming because so many groups say they will come, but never do and the kids are very disappointed. This year they had a presentation for us of all the activities the directors have for the kids under their supervision. After the presentation the director said something that made all of our breaths catch. She said the kids were looking forward to seeing us and they had been for a while! We have built a really good relationship with this orphanage. They know that if we say we will be there we’ll show up. And show up with backpacks full of clothes bought for specific kids, stuffed animals, balloons, balls and more!

The kids make jewelry to sell which gives them extra money, but has also taught them a trade. I think Kelly bought enough to feed them all for a few weeks!





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