Satan’s #1 Tool

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October 31, 2013 by Chris French

When I first started studying Satan’s techniques to trip us up I thought I might be able to find a pattern in the way he attacks. Money seems to be the first place he would start. After all, he had his choice of how to take Job down and Satan chose money. He took away all the ways Job had of making profit. He could have chosen IMG_0643anything. Why choose money? Because it’s something we all worry about! Jesus, in Matthew 6.24, thought that if anything could steal our hearts away from God it would be money. It’s the only other option He presents as something we would allow to be our master.

But then you look farther into Scripture and money doesn’t seem to be his initial attack at all.

In fact, when Satan tempts Jesus in Matt. 4 he uses hunger.
In Luke 22.31 Satan is going to use the threat of death against Peter.
In Luke 22.3 he uses power against Judas.
In Acts 5.3 he uses pride against Ananias & Sapphira.
In 1 Corinthians 7.5 he uses lust against couples. In 2 Corinthians 2.11 he uses discouragement against the man who has repented of sleeping with his step mother.

There is a common theme to Satan’s attacks, but it’s not the sin he uses. Go back and remember the story surrounding each of the situations above.

Jesus hasn’t eaten in 40 days!
Peter’s just lost his best friend, mentor and (literally) the hope of the nation as Peter saw it!
Jesus isn’t moving fast enough to kick the Romans out of Jerusalem so Judas pushes His hand hoping to reign next to Him
Ananias & Sapphira have seen the accolades others in their church have gotten from being generous and they want in on the deal
The man lost everything when the church withdrew from him. Now he’s all alonepredator-hunting-1

Satan is exploiting their weaknesses! He comes at them when they’re weakest, just like a coyote will pick off the weakest of the flock. Jesus is literally dying of hunger so Satan offers Him food, but makes it a sin in the process. Peter is grieving and confused, disappointed and broken so Satan entices him to fall into depression and never come out of it. Judas is discontent with his current position so Satan gets him to make a sinful move that could put him in a more powerful position. Ananias craves the attention of others so Satan finds a way to give him that and turns it into a sin. He even finds a way to turn the Corinthian church’s discipline toward one man into a possible sin for that man.

Satan comes at us when we’re weak. Be self-aware enough to know when you’re weak. Your weakness can come from a lack of money. If you’re struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table Satan’s right around the corner waiting to jump you. Your weakness can come from craving other people’s attention. If you find yourself focused on what people think about you watch you back! Satan’s found a weakness. When you’re weak is when he’s going to pounce. He’s looking for a way to exploit your weakness. Shore up the walls!


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