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December 15, 2013 by Chris French

ESV ONE YEAR HCI’m betting you’ve tried to read the Bible thru in a year, maybe you’ve tried every year for the last several. I’ve probably read Genesis 13 times! Somewhere along the way though you fall off the wagon and miss a day, then you miss the next day too. By the time you notice it you’ve got to read Leviticus…all of it, to get back on track. This year let’s try something different.

We’ll read through select events from the Bible and show how those characters fit together with the whole story of redemption, but instead of the focus being on reading the passage we’ll concentrate on what that particular story means David vs. Goliathto you. This study will take up about 20 weeks this year, but we’re going to scatter these stories throughout the year so we’ll be returning to this series about every other week. On the weeks in between we’re exploring different topics like prayer, forgiveness, grace, marriage and evangelism just to name a few. We’ll study a different book of the Bible for a week three different times, we’ll go deeper with an upcoming sermon several times and we’ll do some character studies and see what we can learn.

That’s just what you’ll find during the week! On the weekends we’re switching it up. Saturdays you’ll find a list of links to some great articles throughout the blogosphere. On Sundays you’ll find thoughts on worship, the Lord’s Supper, generosity and more to prepare your mind for worship.

Meant 4 More

Every day you’ll find new content that challenges your thinking and hopefully helps transform your mind. You were meant for more than just existing and living day to day, searching for happiness and fulfillment. You were meant to have an intimate and thriving relationship with the Father. Hopefully this blog can be one of your outlets for transformation in 2014.


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One thought on “2014 Layout

  1. […] a drum roll. Like I said, easy concept intellectually, tough to put into practice. If you read this post you know I’m not a fan of reading the Bible thru in a year. It sounds like a great idea, but […]

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