Praying in the Forge

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January 9, 2014 by Chris French

In Luke 18.1-8 you find Jesus telling a story about a widow who had been wronged. She goes to the judge in her city and begs for justice, but she hit a brick wall because Unrighteous Judgethat guy wasn’t a moral guy. He didn’t care that she had been wronged, but because she wouldn’t stop bugging him about it he gave her what she wanted. Jesus draws an interesting illustration from this story.

In every parable you try to identify the characters. Usually someone is God and someone is me. It’s pretty easy to find us in this parable. You and I are the widow who can’t help herself. She doesn’t have the resources to bring justice about for herself so she goes to the authority. It’s tougher to find God in the parable because He’s not there, not really at least. Jesus draws a comparison between Him and the unrighteous judge. The judge only gave the woman justice because she wouldn’t leave him alone. It wasn’t out of any moralistic reasoning and it certainly wasn’t out of love! That’s not your Father though! Not only is He the creator of morality, but He can be defined as love! If you’re hurting He wants to help you. In fact, Jesus says that He will help you quickly. I think all of this so far has been peripheral information. Jesus is about to get to the purpose of this parable.

“Nevertheless when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

Despite God’s quick action to avenge us against our enemies and/or bring us justice weForge still find ways to walk away from Him. Despite His care for us and quick action on our behalf Jesus is worried that when He comes back that none of us will have stayed faithful. The problem is our eyesight. We’re fairly short sighted. When we get in trouble or feel pain we want immediate relief even though sometimes our own sin has put us in that position. We forget that God uses the times that break our hearts to reforge them so they’re more like Jesus’ (Romans 8.28-29, James 1.2-3). When we struggle it’s a reminder that this place isn’t eternal and that we shouldn’t want to stay here. It’s a reminder to pray and plead with God to come to our aid quickly, but it’s also a reminder that even if He doesn’t come you stay faithful. Keep trusting, continue sacrificing and pray during your time in the forge.



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