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January 12, 2014 by Chris French

The reason we gather on Sundays is to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection. We praise Him, pray to Him and learn about Him, but the reason we’re there is to focus on His atoning work. One of the most powerful passages that helps center my mind on His sacrifice is Isaiah 53. Isaiah brings the fact that Jesus was blameless to our attention repeatedly in this short chapter.

Because He was carrying our guilt and taking the punishment for our sins we thought God was disciplining Him. It wasn’t anything He had done that was causing His death Stripesthough. My iniquities crushed Him, but his death brought peace between God and I. His wounds healed me. Broken, crushed and abused I became an heir because of His work. Even though I insist on my own way, God laid my rebellion on Jesus’ back and punished Him for my defiance. Even though the terrible burdens He was being punished for were not His He never said a word in His defense, resolutely taking the penalty meant for me. His right was to be held in honor, but it was by oppression and judgment that He was taken away. Power and prestige were His right, but it was with the wicked that He died. This was God’s will. God wanted to crush Him, to make Him feel grief so His wounds could heal me.

Here’s a short video based on the words from Isaiah 53. Today as I worship I will remember that what Jesus did opened the door for me to be whole. He healed me from the anger, loneliness, foolishness and jealousy that plagued my life. His wounds healed me so I will bow in front of His throne in worship!


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