Janitor or CEO?

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January 13, 2014 by Chris French

In the first five minutes of meeting someone new what do you tell them about yourself? In my experience I usually lead with my name and they give me theirs. The next thing I want to know is what they do. What is their job?

HandshakeI’ve heard for a while now that men especially identify themselves by their job. Who we are is wrapped up in our jobs, usually I hear that in a negative sense. People say we should find our identity in something less superficial, more God focused. But then you read our text for today (Genesis 1-2), specifically Genesis 1.26-28.

I see some significance in the order and repetition of God’s thoughts about man. He’s going to make us in His image and then He gives us a job. That happens in v. 26, but then in v. 27 He repeats that we are created in His image and fleshes out our job. Our identity can not be removed from our job! The job is the important part though. Sometimes I focus on how I make money, a superficial thing God couldn’t care less about. My identity should be wrapped up in God’s job for me.

Adam was told that he had control over the stuff that was on the earth and that he Identityshould fill the earth with his descendants. If he did something else there should be a nagging sensation in his mind that he was made for more. He shouldn’t be content with what he was currently doing! He should be wondering who he was! Adam’s not the only one who was given a specific job by God and being built in the image of God didn’t stop with him either. Our identity should be caught up in our job, but not the way we make money, but the job that God has given us. He’s clear about what our job is. He even details it in Matthew 28.18-20 and Ephesians 2.8-10.

If you’re not talking to people about Jesus and doing good works you should feel lost, purposeless and out of sorts. Our identity is caught up in our job. If you’re doing your job you’ll feel satisfied and driven whether you’re a janitor or a CEO.

What struck you from these two chapters?


Here’s a timeline I mocked up for Adam – the Flood. Lately I’ve been curious how many great great grandchildren Adam lived to see so today I ran the numbers. He got farther than I had expected! Someone died in the flood that you may not have expected too!

Not into timelines or maybe this one is just too confusing to read (I had some problems finding a timeline I could link here. This is the best one I could find). Here are the basics: Adam lived to see Lamech, Noah’s dad, be born, but died before Noah was born. Pretty Noahmuch everyone you know was dead long before the flood happened, except for Methuselah. I’m not saying God killed him in the flood, but he died the same year the flood happened so read into that what you want. Lamech dies only 5 years before the flood. I’m thinking God was waiting on one of the last few righteous men to die before He brought the flood. Scripture doesn’t tell us what kind of man Lamech was, but judging from the man his son turned out to be I’m guessing Lamech was concerned about God’s will and holiness. In the timeline I provide some dates. Those dates are based off the Biblical record of how long these guys lived and when they had the sons that are named. If I did my math right the flood happened 1,656 years after the creation. Food for thought.

I’m pretty pumped about Noah coming out on March 8th. If you haven’t already seen the trailer you can watch it here.


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