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January 16, 2014 by Chris French

After the most cataclysmic event ever to strike the earth God immediately starts blessing. The Apocalypse has literally just happened when Noah and the crew get off the ark and the first words out of God’s mouth are blessings.

Today’s reading is Genesis 8-9.17.

After Noah sees the tops of mountains he sends out a dove, but she can’t find anyplace to land so she returns to him, but a week later he sends her out again and she brings back an olive leaf. He waits another week and sends her out again and she doesn’t return. She had found dry land! They have been on the ark for over a year now, but they can’t leave just yet. The waters have receded, but it’s got to be a marsh land until the land dries out so they stay in the ark another month. Finally God tells them it’s time to go and you know they were all at the door when Noah opened it!

Anyhow watch what God says when He tells them it’s time to go in Genesis 8.17. He tells them to be fruitful and multiply. He will say it again in 9.7. His desire has always been for us to flourish. You would want your creation to excel in whatever it was made for and so does He. We were made to have an intimate relationship with Him. That’s why we were made in His image, so we could connect like puzzle pieces. His desire was for righteous men and women to fill the earth and flourish in their relationship with Him. Blessing.

He also gave them guidelines. Don’t eat bloody meat. Don’t allow murder. If an animal murders someone kill the animal. If a man kills another, kill the man. Boundaries are important. In fact, they are meant to help us be happy. What would happen if there weren’t any rules for driving? People would drive on whichever side of the road they wanted at whatever speed they wanted and if someone made you mad you could ram them and it be perfectly acceptable. God provides guidelines right after they exit the ark. He’ll get more specific at Mt. Sinai later in Israel’s future. Blessing

What I really wanted you to focus on is the covenant He sets up with Noah and his descendants and the earth itself. We’re all pretty familiar with the rainbow story, so I want you to think about every covenant God has made with mankind.

He started off with Adam & Eve. Have a lot of kids and look after the earth. Then Noah comes along. Have a lot of kids and take care of the earth. Then the Exodus and Mt. Sinai. I bought you so here are the laws that you need to follow to be my children. Then Jesus. I bought you so here are the laws that you need to follow to be my children. Who approached who in all four covenants?

Adam was still shaking the dust out of his hair when God approached him with their covenant, Noah was still looking over his shoulder for the lion when God came to him with their covenant. The Jews were still having flashbacks of being beaten in Egypt when He made His covenant with them and while we were still sinners Christ died for people who had no interest in Him (Rom. 5.8).

We serve a God who enjoys blessing, who runs to catch up to us as we’re running away from Him. It’s time to stop running and start working!


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