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January 18, 2014 by Chris French

MSN Weather Slideshow: 17 Gorgeous Galaxies

I’m constantly amazed by the vastness of our Universe. Our most powerful telescopesgalaxy have been able to see somewhere between 300-500 BILLION galaxies out there. We live in 1 of those. The freaky thing? There’s more out there! We just haven’t developed a telescope powerful enough to see them yet! So the monstrous size of our Universe should astound you, but have you ever seen what the other galaxies look like? Our own Milky Way Galaxy is beautiful, but it’s certainly not the gem of the Universe in my opinion. This article will give you pictures of Galaxies you’ve never heard of before, but they are incredibly magnificent! By the way apparently this is one of a regular series that might be worth your attention.

wired-for-worship_t_nvWhy You Might Not Worship God (Even Though You Want To)

The natural inclination when one sees God is to worship. The problem is that sometimes we have problems seeing Him. This article has some great thoughts about how to open your eyes and see Him.





5 Hurtful Phrases to Remove From Your Marriage Vocabulary

If you’re married (or alive) you’re going to run into conflict. It’s inevitable. There are some phrases though that aren’t fighting fair and like the article says, they’re lazy.  Obviously the author comes at this from a marital point of view, but these phrases should be struck from any relationship you want to keep.

Butt/Ehrman Debate

debateTickets are now on sale for the debate between Kyle Butt (Apologetics Press) and Bart Ehrman at the University of North Alabama on April 4th. The tickets are $10 a piece and will sell out quickly because of limited seating in the auditorium. The debate will be on suffering and the existence of God.

Biblical Manhood and Pursuing Platform

Your platform is the people who you influence. These people listen when you talk. Maybe it’s your family, colleagues or friends, but make no mistake we all have a God given biblical manhoodplatform. He’s given us this influence for a purpose, but there’s a danger in having a platform. This article is worth your time and deserves a couple of reads!


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