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January 25, 2014 by Chris French

This week’s Saturday Reading is unusual in that all the posts deal with one idea: How to study the Bible. This week I’ve given you my ideas on how to study, but today I wanted to give you some more resources and some more ideas on how to go about it.

7 Steps of Bible Study Preparation expound on some of the concepts we’ve talked about this week and adds something called the 3AM Statement that I absolutely love! This article is worth your time!

For When You Don’t Feel Saved has a simple method for studying the Bible, but I think it will really connect well with some of you. The method is at the bottom in picture format, but the article is worth your time too. You’ll probably disagree with some of her conclusions, but it will definitely challenge you.

4 Ways to Refresh Your Bible Study gives you some ideas to keep your study fresh and fun. When your study gets a little dry try some of his options. .

You can try the KnowBeDo method of studying the Bible too.

  1. Know stands for what you’re supposed to understand from the passage
  2. Be stands for who the passage says you’re supposed to be
  3. Do stands for what the passages says you should be doing

Bible App Central


E-sword – If you haven’t bought E-sword yet you need to go to the App Store and buy it! If you’d rather have it downloaded to your desktop for free you can do that too! My favorite thing about this program is that you can click on a word in the Bible and it’ll tell you what the word means. It’s worth $5 for that alone! I use it multiple times every time I study. Love it!

Bible App – This is put out by YouVersion. If you don’t have it I can only guess you haven’t heard about it yet. It is by far the best Bible app in the Bible Appapp store. It has multiple translations that are viewed in a GREAT reader, 100’s of Bible reading plans, the ability to highlight verses and take notes about them. You can even share specific passages or verses with your friends on every social media outlet. Unless I find something better it’s also where you can find my notes for that week’s class. The only limitation with that is that the notes only last so long. It won’t let me backlog them in a way that I’m happy with so I might be on the prowl for a better way to disburse and log my lessons, but overall it’s my go to Bible app, especially for reading.

Mantis – I just downloaded this one last night. I like it because I can write notes in line with the text. For every verse that I’ve made a comment on Mantis will put a symbol in Mantisfront of the verse. When I click that symbol my comment pops up right in line with the text. My plan is to use it when I write my chapter themes, to catalog my thoughts on verses and to cross-reference verses. It is an inferior app to the YouVersion Bible app, but it’s got the inline comments and YouVersion doesn’t have that.


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