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January 26, 2014 by Chris French

Yesterday Kelly and I took Pirate and Jake and walked down the Riverwalk. Pirate was great, but Jake is given to chasing squirrels and birds. I’m holding Jake and I’ve got one of those retractable leashes. Before I go any further you should know that he’s been really good so far. We’ve gone quite a ways and he’s obeyed and not even really been Jake 2 Jakestraining at the leash that bad, so I thought I’d let him have some fun. I unlocked the leash and let him run to the end of the leash. About 30 seconds later he gets sight of a squirrel and takes off after it. I caught him really so there weren’t any squirrels harmed in the making of this blog, but his lack of focus reminded me of myself.

I don’t have ADHD, but I do have problems focusing, at least focusing on what I should be focused on. In a little bit you’re going to sit in an auditorium and, if you’re at Northport with us, you’ll hear Kerry present a lesson. Just about every lesson I have to fight for control of my brain. My mind will wander on toward that weird speck on the ceiling above the pulpit. I’ll wonder how it got there. The ceiling will remind me of the ark and I’ll picture a man with a long beard ushering lions and elephants into cages throughout the building. If I’m not careful my mind will go on these adventures every 10 minutes during the sermon. I’ll catch what he’s saying then I’ll allow myself to wander off again.

Now most of the time I take notes during the sermon. I’ve found that it helps me stay focused. I use my ipad and store them in Evernote so if I ever want to go back and find a point within the lesson it’s fairly easy. Lately I’ve been thinking about posting Kerry’s points and great nuggets of truth to Twitter, so if you’re on Twitter click that link up there on the top of this page and follow me. You’ll probably see some tweets from the lesson tomorrow.


However you do it this time is to important to waste. It is NOT your main meal from Scripture. You feed yourself that meal every day thru the week, but you’ve got a guy that’s studied a Biblical point thoroughly and thinks it’s important enough to tell you about it. It’s dessert! Take full advantage of it! 


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