Meet Abraham


January 27, 2014 by Chris French

Today we’re going back into Genesis. This time when we enter the narrative we meet Abraham in Genesis 12. Read thru this chapter and use the S.O.A.P. approach to Bible study.

Study (Read the passage several times)
Observation (Ask all the questions)
Application (What does it mean to you)
Prayer (Ask God’s help in changing your life to make the changes you need to make)

I think there’s some great stuff we can learn from this story, but I wanted to answer some of the questions and set the scene for you first.

Abraham’s dad’s name was Terah. Apparently God told Terah, more likely Abraham though, early on when they were in Ur of the Chaldeans (modern day Iraq) that He wanted Abraham to move to Canaan so Terah picks up Abraham’s family and Lot’s Abrahamfamily and starts the journey (Gen. 11.31). Haran, Terah’s other son has already died by this point, but his son Lot will fill the pages of the Bible for the next several chapters. The other son, Nahor, apparently stays in Haran. We’ll meet his grandson, Laban, when Isaac’s son, Jacob, comes looking for a wife (Gen. 29.5).

Together Terah, Abraham and Lot’s families make it about halfway to Canaan following the rivers and stop at a place Terah dubs Haran, after his deceased son. They stay there until Terah dies. Perhaps he was too old to continue traveling? The Bible doesn’t say, but after he dies Abraham picks up his family and Lot’s and they journey on toward Canaan. Abraham is 75 years old himself at this point which makes Sarah 65, and they’re still without children. They’re about middle aged at this point, still within child bearing years, but more on the pessimistic side than they have been.

Apparently Abraham and crew just keep on walking until God appears to Abraham at Shechem and actually makes the promise of delivering the land to Abraham’s descendants. Abraham builds an alter there, but moves a little ways away so he can live in a hilly area between Bethel and Ai. Maybe he missed the mountains near Ur? Maybe it would have been easier to defend? He is surrounded by enemies. We aren’t told how long he stayed there, but eventually he moves on heading toward Egypt. A pretty serious famine takes over the land and he has to move into Egypt to find food. This is probably during November or December when the rains failed or were scanty. Before they go into Egypt he makes the deal with Sarah. If asked she should say that Abraham was her brother instead of her husband. He was afraid the Egyptians would kill him and take her, apparently she’s a hottie! Most likely she has a more fair complexion than the Egyptians. She’s still dark skinned like most Arabians today, but not as dark as the Egyptians thus making her unique and alluring. Anyhow Abraham was right. They do find her attractive. Pharaoh even takes her as his wife, but God sends so many plagues against him that he figures out what’s happened and sends the couple on their way with all the prizes he had given Abraham earlier. Don’t forget this isn’t a couple of families traveling together. A couple of chapters from here Abraham will have 318 WARRIORS in his house. He’s traveling around with a small city at his back!

So what can we take away from this story?

God blesses SO THAT we can be a blessing to others. (Gen. 12.2)
This “blessing” God is talking about ultimately points to Jesus, that’s how Abraham was going to be a blessing, but it’s a principle that stands true for us too. Take note of your blessings and the things that you’re grateful for and realize that He gave you those things so you can be a blessing to everyone around you. How can you use your house to bless others? How can you use the extra in your checking account this month as a blessing to others? How can you use your free time this week as a blessing to others?


2 thoughts on “Meet Abraham

  1. […] Isaac’s eyesight has failed to the point that he can’t tell his sons apart so when his wife overhears Isaac telling Esau that he would bless him after supper Rebekah hatches a plan. While Esau is out hunting and seasoning the meat he’s killed she and Jacob get some goats and cook them just like Isaac likes. They use the goat skins to drape over Jacob’s neck and arms so he’ll feel like Esau. Apparently Esau was one of those guys…anyhow nothing is wrong with Isaac’s hearing so when Jacob speaks he has his doubts that it is indeed Esau, but he smells like him and even feels like him so Isaac blesses Jacob thinking he was Esau. Apparently Jacob barely gets out of the tent before Esau comes in with his freshly prepped Iron Chef winning entrée only to find out that his brother deceived his dad and stole his blessing. As I’m sure you can imagine Esau is furious, probably lots of flailing of hairy arms going on. He determines that after Isaac dies he’ll kill Jacob, but again Rebekah gets wind of this and sends Jacob to get a wife from her family back in Haran, a safe distance from his newly homicidal brother. Remember after Terah died Abraham left his remaining brother in Haran and headed for Canaan. If you missed that post you can read about it here. […]

  2. savedbygrace says:

    Study (Read the passage several times)
    – Abraham lied about his wife

    Observation (Ask all the questions)
    – why did the Lord struck Pharoah when it was Abraham lying?
    – in another situation, Abraham lied again, but this time the Lord called him prophet

    Application (What does it mean to you)
    – righteouness is by Faith, it means, whatever you do does not change your standing with God
    – the things I do, good or bad has nothing to do with my standing with God. I am righteous by faith
    – if Abraham can be rigtheous by faith, then I can be righteous because Jesus paid for all my sins

    – lesson #1
    – – Never introduce your wife as your best friend.

    Prayer (Ask God’s help in changing your life to make the changes you need to make)
    – I pray that I change my mind regarding righteousness. that righteousness is never achieve by doing, but by believing

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