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February 15, 2014 by Chris French

Ever wondered what the Dead Sea Scrolls actually look like? Besides a few trips around the world they’ve naturally been kept out of sight. They are VERY old and gave scholars incredible insight into what the original authors actually wrote, which makes them very valuable and very fragile. They’re written in Greek, but even if you can’t read them they’re still pretty cool to look at. Now is your shot! Scholars have scanned and archived the Dead Sea Scrolls for the public. Now they’re only as far away as a tap of your mouse! Check out the Dead Sea Scrolls Go Digital 

10 Ways to Ruin Your Life in Your 20’s is a list of beliefs that, if you buy into them, will lead you into ruin. It probably won’t happen quickly, but over time these ideas will bring you grief. If you’re out of your 20’s these will ring true, but they’re great reminders to us to watch ourselves so we don’t fall into these either.

Multitasking is 3 times as bad for you as smoking pot! Got your attention? Check out Multitaskers are 40% less productive than non-multitaskers. It’s even in infographic form! I multitask all the time, in fact its the way I live most of my life. The results from this study are staggering though. It may be time to rethink how well anyone multitasks.

When I started reading Holy Laughter I wasn’t sure I liked where he was going, but in the end I thought his point was worth repeating. God laughs at us, not with us. There are several passages in Scripture that record His amusement at us. He’s not amused by our sufferings or pain, but at our puny rebellion. To read the rest of the article click the link above.


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