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February 22, 2014 by Chris French

Guys, if you’re married you’re always asking questions. “What’s for dinner?” “Where are we going?” and “Huh?” are some of my favorites, but there are some questions we need to ask our wives. In fact, Perry Noble says there are 5 Questions Every Husband Should Ask His Wife. It’s a very short article, but if you consistently ask these questions you’re marriage will be stronger because of it.

It’s about this time of year when most people’s New Year Resolutions are circling the drain. Honestly my resolution, to blog something relevant and helpful everyday, has been a struggle over the last two weeks. How are yours going? Remember the excitement you felt in December over those resolutions? If they were worth your time to think them up and you think they’ll be helpful to you they’re worth continuing. Keep at it! Don’t give up! Start again today! Here’s a list of resolutions from my friend and brother Robbie Mackenzie. Some of his are unique to him, but if you were to adopt several of these they would make you better. Check out Changes in 2014 for some motivation to get back to your resolutions and maybe pick up a few extra.

Saturday ReadingI’ve tried to tweet out the speaker’s main points or an interesting thought before and it’s kind of tough at Northport. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason my tweets time out. I’m thinking we don’t have a strong enough internet connection, maybe? Anyhow this article from another friend and brother Rusty Pettus has made me renew my efforts. I’m going to take my phone off wi-fi and just use 3G to post tomorrow. I’ll be using #unjustgain tomorrow morning if you want to join! Check out Twitter, Hashtags and Lessons.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted some App Links and I’ve found a couple more that are helpful so here ya go!

The Glo Bible app is pretty incredible. I really like the way it lets you pick the book of the Bible and the chapter you want to go to. It’s completely superficial, but it looks a lot nicer than the Bible app I have been using. What really sold me on Glo Bible though is that you can do inline notes, so it’s kind of like writing in your Bible. Most apps have the notes option, but this is one of the few that indicates that you’ve got a note on a particular verse as you read thru a passage. In case you need more motivation to check it out Glo Bible also offer pictures and maps that correlate with the text you’re reading. So if you’re reading Jesus’ parable about The Good Samaritan you’ll see a map at the bottom showing you the way from Jericho to Jerusalem and some artist renderings of anything pertaining to the story. To be fair you do need to buy the media package to get the full use of these toys, but it’s probably worth it. The app itself is free with several paid downloads. The negative? It only comes with KJV and the NIV, but for $5 you can download the ESV.

Kerry turned me on to this week. It’s pretty impressive! You pick a verse in the Bible and it will lay out what several commentaries say about that particular verse. If you click the link above it will take you to the Proverbs 1.1 page. You can switch verses by using the drop down menus found at the very top of the page. It’s got a lot of the old standard commentaries, but if you were to buy the hard copy of these you’d spending several hundred dollars. Here they are free! I’ve used it several times this week and found it to be very helpful. Below the commentaries they even provide several passages where the idea in the verse you’re studying is spoken of in the rest of Scripture. It is not and app, but you can save it to your homescreen for ease of access.


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