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March 1, 2014 by Chris French

You don’t get the chance to sit in a ball pit with a stranger very often, but this short, kind of silly, video teaches us an important point. We are surrounded by people every day, but since it’s not socially acceptable to corner someone and assault them with personal questions we tend to live in a bubble of our own making. We’re safe in our bubble and while we can interact with people through our bubble there’s always that layer of protection. In Take A Seat people slowly allow strangers into their bubble and they come away ball pitbetter for it. This week I’m going to challenge myself to find a way to allow a stranger into my personal life. I’m not talking about taking someone home with me and telling them my life story. I’m talking about looking for an opportunity to make a connection with someone I don’t know. As you watch the video you’ll see that just about everyone in it is struggling with something significant enough that it wouldn’t come out in a passing conversation. Maybe an added bonus will be that we can give them the freedom to talk about what they’re going thru. If you bless them it might be a good opportunity to give them a kindness card too! In the meantime I’m going to work on finding a ball pit…kidding…kind of.

There’s a brand new movie chronicling Jesus’ life from birth to resurrection that you might enjoy. It’s called Son of God. I’ve been seeing the Robertson’s supporting over the last several months, but didn’t see a date for it to open. Anyway, it hit theaters Son of God posteryesterday. You can watch the preview here.
Noah 1Hollywood is spending a LOT of money to bring the Biblical story to life I say we take advantage of it! I can almost guarantee that some parts of it won’t match up with the Biblical record, but the parts that do will certainly give you a greater understanding of what actually happened. In case, you weren’t aware Hollywood has also made a movie about Noah featuring Russel Crowe as the famous patriarch. You can watch the Noah trailer here. It comes out  March 28th.

We all love to be uncomfortable in the areas we are comfortable. For example, I’m really comfortable being uncomfortable overseas on a mission trip. I’m less comfortable in Tuscaloosa serving homeless people. There is a definite correlation between what I’m comfortable with and the evangelism I do. To read more check out Making Disciples of Women in a Post-Christian World. It’s not just for women though. There are some powerful thoughts no matter your gender here!

Michael Whitworth has written and published several books over the years and for his upcoming birthday he’s giving you the chance to buy one of his books and get another one free! I think all of his books are $12.99 and under, but they’re quality. A while back I bought Epic of God, which is a very readable commentary on Genesis, but for this deal I got Saturday Reading Living and Longing for the Lord, which is his commentary of 1 & 2 Thessalonians and The Derision of Heaven which is his work on Daniel. These aren’t like most commentaries you’ve read in the past where the author breaks down the verses and talks about each one. His commentaries are more conversational and are really enjoyable reads. I’d highly recommend you picking up at least these three and since it’s a BOGO now is a great time to get them. He mails you the hard copy of the book plus if you like reading on your tablet you can add an extra $2 and he’ll send you the ebook version of both books! But that’s not all! I kind of feel like a game show host now…anyway, Michael is also making a 100% donation to your favorite charity, ministry or mission work. Which means that however much you spend on his great books will actually end up in your favorite charity’s bank account. I choose Northport church of Christ as my favorite ministry, but you could choose Indian Creek Youth Camp or one of the missionaries we support or any other charity/ministry you like. Here’s the BOGO website. His deal only goes thru March 3rd so order while you can! If you’d like to see my copy of his books just check with me!


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