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March 11, 2014 by Chris French

Recently I was asked if I could share how I came to my faith. At first I thought this was just a simple question and answer. The more I thought about it I realized there was more to it than that. I started going to The Lord’s church when I was about a month old. My father was raised in the church and my mother was converted, thanks to my dad. The church I grew up attending, is all I ever knew. This is also the same congregation I left when I married my husband.

Maggie MooreI started going to bible camp about 3, maybe 4 years old. I met new people from surrounding states and friendships grew over the years. When I was a sophomore in high school we would travel back and forth to northern Indiana to fellowship with our camp friends and also watch our friend’s football games. One of our trips was different from the rest. I remember my dad driving and I looked out the window to see a terrible back up and a horrific crash on the other side of the highway. There were white sheets draped over the deceased. It was then I was struck with the idea of no guarantees. I remember being very uncomfortable with the rest of the trip thinking if something happened…I would be lost.

The following week we were to leave on Friday after school to travel to see our friends and I couldn’t get that car wreck image from my mind. I went to my mother on Thursday night and said, “I want to go and get baptized.” I am pretty sure she was flustered, excited and thankful at the same time. We went to the church and I was baptized about 10:30 at night. Best night of sleep I had had in a week, perhaps my whole life. Because I knew if something happened, I was one of God’s children. Growing up in the church I learned bible things, memorized scriptures and songs. I also think I took for granted being a child who was raised in the church. So many are raised in the church and yet so many come to The Lord as an adult. The ones who come later in life sometimes seems more hungry and on fire than some of the children raised in the church. However, this also shows me how as a mother I need to help my children not take for granted that they have two faithful parents striving and praying they have been raised to do The Tell Your StoryLords work either.

When you’re a child growing up in the church you should be different from your school friends. I did not attend school dances, I did not go to parties and I most certainly did not dress like my classmates. I remember when I was in high school another girl mocked and made a scene about me wearing boys cargo shorts. We had a big discussion about how modesty was a big part of my every day life. I never went to a mixed swimming event unless we were all wearing shirts and shorts to our knees. I do not feel as though I have ‘missed out’ not going to parties. I can honestly say I have never smoked or drank a sip of alcohol. I’m proud of this. ‘Partying’ never seemed to appeal to me.

Going on vacations we ALWAYS attended services Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday nights. We might have gone on vacation, but God doesn’t. He knows where we are and what we are doing. He doesn’t take a vacation from us, why should we take one from Him? I am thankful for the life and journey God has led me on. I can only hope and pray to raise our children to see the right path and pass on to their families too.


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