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March 15, 2014 by Chris French

This week we finished out our It Came From Within Study Group by talking about jealousy and how we can overcome it. I like Donald Millers thoughts here on Four Tips on Tackling Jealousy, especially his point that jealousy only leads to negative things. It doesn’t produce really anything good in us, and almost all of us struggle with it.  Miller has 4 suggestions on how to get rid of Saturday Readingjealousy, but allow me to tack on one from our class this week. Find the person you’re jealous of and become their biggest fan. If you’re jealous because their kids seem great celebrate what great parents they are. If you’re jealous of how funny they are, their integrity, their wisdom or their success celebrate that. Become their biggest fan. That’ll kill jealousy pretty quick!

25 Verses to Pray Over Your Husband shouldn’t be just confined to our wives prayers for us, husbands. We should be asking for these same things from God for our wives!

It’s really embarrassing when you can’t remember someone’s name you’ve already met a couple of times, right? It’s not only embarrassing for you, but it also sends a message to that person that they’re not important enough for you to remember their name. Make Everyone You Meet Unforgettable just might help keep you from those awkward situations, but it will also send the right message to people, especially if they’re visiting with us at services! We want them to feel special and appreciated. This is one way you can send that message to our guests.

Do you ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels? You’re not really accomplishing anything. You’ve got goals and dreams, but you’re finding it tough to make headway? Change Your Life with These Two Words might help. The writer gives you a morning routine and an afternoon resistance that just might help you toward your goal.



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