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April 1, 2014 by Chris French

I could tell you what the Bible says about Noah and the flood in under 5 minutes. Noah is 138 minutes long, of course there is going to be extra material. While there are several things in the movie that I know didn’t happen like it portrays (Shem, Ham and Japeth’s wives were not only born, but they were all married when they entered the ark so all the drama surrounding the babies can’t be found in the Bible, the Watchers (Nephilim) weren’t fallen angels encased in rock, and there  weren’t any stowaways in the ark, it’s a good movie.

Go see it. There were a couple of times during the movie where I found myself smiling because I was in awe. I thought to myself several times, “That’s probably pretty close to how it actually went down!” One of those scenes was during the supposed scene of theistic evolution while Noah tells the story of creation on the ark. Every blog I’ve read has mentioned this scene as one of the major reasons the author found the film offensive. I watched this scene very intently and I didn’t come away thinking of evolution. The film does show several animals in this procession, but they don’t morph from salamander to pig to monkey to human. It’s like watching time watch photography. Everything is in fast forward, but I feel like if we take this scene at face value it could be a good picture of creation. Picture a video camera scanning creation trying to catch some of the cooler animals. Before God created man in the movie there is a definite division. If you’re honest I think you could make just a good of a case for creation as some have made for theistic evolution in the movie.

You also get a pretty good view of how broken Noah actually was. He wasn’t perfect. Undoubtedly, there was some inner strife within Noah and his family when people were hanging onto the mountain tops screaming for help. The righteous man God describes Noah as must have been torn apart by this, knowing that he couldn’t help, but still disturbed by what was happening to them. Could the alcohol after the flood subsided been to shut out those voices? I think it’s within reason, which is kind of my feelings about most of this movie.

I completely disagree with Noah‘s interpretation of the Nephilim, but at the end of the day no one knows what, or more likely who, these guys are. In my opinion they’re just men, but since the Bible doesn’t give us any other information about these guys it’s tough to be dogmatic about them, one way or the other. So take the movie for what it is: entertainment. Let some of this stuff that’s so unknown go.

I’ve also heard several people condemn the movie because of its environmentalist slant. I’m not sure why that’s a bad thing. It’s a Biblical concept. In Genesis 2.15 God puts Adam & Eve in the Garden to “keep” it. This isn’t the last time He uses this word. In fact, He uses it again to identify the angel’s job outside of the Garden in Genesis 3.24. This word literally means to guard or protect. One of Adam’s jobs was to protect the Earth. I wouldn’t say it goes so far as not picking flowers, but again that’s probably within reason.

There is a ton more we could talk about and this is certainly not a full review, but I think it’s worth your time. It will definitely start some conversations if you let it.


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