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April 1, 2014 by Chris French

God has gone out of His way to make the places He lived in the past special.

  1. When Israel built the Tabernacle in Exodus 31.1-6 God imbued specific people with specific talents so they could make it amazing.
  2. When He was living between the cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant Israel thought it was so special they followed it back into a fight they had already lost! 1 Samuel 4.1-11
  3. When Solomon was building the Temple the builders had to cut the rock somewhere else because God said there couldn’t be any harsh sounds in His Temple (1 Kings 6.7). It would be made out of precious cedar (6.8) and have gold plated walls and floors (6.20-22).

Today He lives inside you (1 Corinthians 6.19). Doesn’t that make you incredibly significant? Being God’s dwelling place isn’t where we normally go when we think of what makes us significant. Usually it’s our jobs, IQ or bank account, and we’ll do whatever it takes to feel successful. But if you’re chasing after these things you don’t have time to chase after God. When we disregard the world’s theory on what makes us successful though we’re freed up to do much for Jesus.

Jesus said loving God and others was what it was all about (Matthew 22.36-40). How can I do that if I’m caught up in achieving success the way the world defines it? These two are mutually exclusive! If I spend 50% of my time chasing after a better job, more money, respect or a better title then I only have 50% left to chase after God with.

What makes you feel successful or significant? Not sure? Think about the things you really like. Now what have you sacrificed those things to get? If a larger bank account makes you feel successful then you’ll sacrifice family time to enlarge the account, you’ll forgo your favorite hobby to get more money, you’ll stay up late and get up early sacrificing sleep to get what you want. I’m not saying money is a bad thing and certainly working hard is good, but we should derive our significance from God, not this other stuff.

It’s cyclical. Your relationship with God makes you feel significant so you chase after Him more which makes you feel more significant. Whatever makes you feel successful is what you’ll chase after. Make it something worth catching!


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