No More – Part 1


July 9, 2014 by Chris French

My lovely wife is a talented writer and a good student of the Word. Over the next 3 days I’m going to share a story she wrote based on the episode in John 8. Read the Biblical story first, it’s only 11 verses. Now read Kelly’s take on what happened behind the scenes and be astounded once again by Jesus’ grace and mercy.


The day I encountered the man who would change my life didn’t go quite like I had planned in my head. In fact, contrary to what I had always imagined, my relationship with him began with heartbreak.

The beginning of my undoing started as the most wonderful night of my life. Weddings are always a festive occasion in Jerusalem and this was no exception. Every food and drink you can imagine, music, imported tapestries, opulent decorations, my own new attire was quite the talk of the evening, and then…there was Carmi. I had never seen a man so handsome in all my life. Even better, his wife, Leah, was absent for some reason concerning their new family addition. Carmi and I had spoken on many occasions.  Innocent flirtations and gossiping like a couple of old women mostly, but I had the feeling there might be something else there.  TonightSilhouette Dancers seemed like a good time to find out.  The wine flowed freely throughout the night.  Emboldened by my artificial courage, I approached him.  We spoke for a while, we danced, and the night grew later.  We stayed till the lamps began to die and we slowly drifted away from the crowd.  My Carmi and I. We weren’t thinking about anything or anybody else.  We were lost in each other’s eyes and embraces.

I should have known better. Maybe I did. I just didn’t care. See, Carmi’s father Haran was a well-respected religious leader in Jerusalem. Carmi’s brother, Ahinoam was apprenticed to be a scribe.  Together they had been plotting to overthrow a new leader and his band of zealots. In fact, that very night, they had gathered and devised a way to destroy his influence on the people. Carmi had mentioned the man and how Leah was always asking him to come to one of his gatherings. I wasn’t interested in anything Leah had to say. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay any attention to Ahinoam’s leering gaze over the balcony as his brother and I danced in each others arms.

The faintest hint of day gave our room, our bed, a soft sleepy glow. I took a moment to let the warmth of Carmi’s embrace run through me. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. The rich smell of his skin filled my lungs. Then, I was airborne. I was off the bed and halfway across the room before I recognized the force that propelled me as two pairs of hands grabbing me and hurling me towards the back wall…

(come back tomorrow for the second installment of this amazing story)


3 thoughts on “No More – Part 1

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  3. Debbie Hardin says:

    Not fair Chris!! She is a good writer and I wasn’t ready for the story to end!! Cant’ wait to read tomorrow!

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