Electronic Resources That Help Your Bible Study

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April 9, 2015 by Chris French

All of these resources are free!

Yesterday in class we mentioned E-sword as a great place to look at several commentaries and Greek word studies. You can get an amazing amount of free downloads that you’ll find helpful too. This link will take you to the massive library of possible downloads for E-Sword.

Blue Letter Bible is another resource that does essentially the same thing, but is laid out in a slightly different format. This very quick tutorial will run you thru the basics of BLB. If you choose this one I’d suggest checking some of their other videos out so you know what all BLB has to offer. You’ll have to create an account to download (an acceptable answer to the security question is “preacher”, got it on my second try!). Austin might have to walk us thru how to download from here though. I tried to download an Interlinear and it didn’t work so check the comments for those instructions.

Bible Hub is essentially the same thing as E-sword and BLB, but again laid out just a little differently. I played with it more this morning and found the commentaries I was Bible Hublooking for last night. On the home screen there’s a drop down menu that has “library”. When you click that it’ll take you to an E-Sword like library full of free resources. This drop down menu also has an “Atlas” tab that’s pretty cool along with Greek & Hebrew tabs that let you search for a particular word (like an online concordance plus indepth word studies).

The rest of these links are more like a religious blog with a search feature. If you’re studying a particular topic and you’re stuck these are websites I trust to tell the Truth, you might have to try them all to find the answer you’re looking for though.

My go to websites when I’m stuck studying a subject are Christian Courier and Apologetics Press. Christian Courier is written by Wayne Jackson and his son. You’ll find a wide variety of articles here. Right now he’s featuring 5 Questions Darwin Can’t Answer and What Do You Know About Demons? They’re both great scholars and you can trust their theology.

Apologetics Press doesn’t have the variety of Christian Courier, but their scholarship is just as top notch. They handle a lot of pop culture issues that intersect with the church, Christian evidences and related subjects. Right now they’re featuring Islamaphobia and Did the Bible Writers Committ Biological Blunders?, which is audio so that’s pretty cool. You’ll find a lot of archaeological evidence here that proves the Bible writers knew what they were talking about. This one is my personal favorite.

House 2 House also has tons of searchable articles for your perusal. I’ve honestly never used their site, but knowing the guys who publish these articles their theology is safe too.

The Restoration Movement website is tough to maneuver around, but if you’re looking for an old book that’s out of print or interested in listening to some of the great preachers from way back when you might find this website helpful.

Christian Library is very similar to the blog type sites we’ve already talked about, though the website is a little antiquated. Say you want to study “Accountability”. You would click on the “A-B” link and it’ll take you to every article they’ve written that starts with an A or B and you scroll down to find “Accountability“.

So there you have it. When you’re studying the Bible and you start looking for a resource online these are the places I’d start.


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