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June 8, 2015 by Chris French

I use the free version of Map My Ride. I’ve heard that it’s buggy, but all that seems to be in the past, because I’ve never had a problem with it outside of it draining my battery pretty quick.MapMyRide

I’m about to start carrying a battery charger with me. You can use any of them, but I’m using this one. It’s about the size of my iPhone 6 and it’s got this great solar power option…but to get a full charge PowerAddout of it using the sun you’ll need to put it in direct sunlight for a full 24 hours so it’s not really practical to use the solar aspect, but you can plug the charger into a wall outlet and get three full charges out of it.

I got a $15 Under Armor gift card for the 1st challenge I did so as it turns out I’m a big fan of MapMyRide’s challenges. You can also challenge your friends in just about any challenge you can come up with. It’ll show you your distance, speed, elevation change, duration and calorie count.

Strava is apparently also a great option, but I haven’t used it at all.

I recently picked up BikeMap to export the routes I’ve been riding. More on this later…

BikeMap Strava


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