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June 9, 2015 by Chris French


I rode over 50 miles without gloves and my hands were fine. Of course I thought the gloves were to keep me from getting calluses and they may be, but an added benefit for me is the gloves keep my hands from going numb. Apparently I’m not sitting on the bike right and thus putting too much weight on my hands causing them to fall asleep. The gloves help. I used to get about 3 miles in and have to shake the feeling back into my hands. I rode about 10 miles a couple days ago without the hands going numb. I bought fingerless gloves with padding on the palm.


Water Bottle Holder

You need one. The first ride I thought I’d be fine. It was just 4 miles…in the woods. I ended up drinking ALL of someone else’s water!


I don’t ride anywhere where I need to leave my bike yet, but better safe than bikeless. I put the lock and my gloves in my handy dandy bag I keep under my seat. This bag is also a great place to keep your keys.


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