Book Review: Little Blue Truck

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November 16, 2015 by Chris French

Little Blue Truck

Little Blue Truck is one of my favorite books for kids. It’s a story about helping people who have been “ugly” to you.

The Story

Little Blue Truck has fostered a relationship with the animals along his road for a long time, but one day a dump truck is too busy to stay behind the little truck so he cuts around him, upsetting the little truck and almost harming an innocent duck!

On down the road the little blue truck came across the dump truck, who had gotten stuck in the mud. He had been honking for help, but none of the animals would come help him, at least not until little blue comes to the dump’s rescue…and gets stuck himself.

When little blue calls for help the animals come running, but even with all their help both trucks are still stuck until one little toad comes up and adds his strength to their effort. In the end the dump truck has learned his lesson about the necessity of friends.

The Spiritual Significance

I like Little Blue Truck because not every kids book teaches kids to help people, and especially helping people who have been mean to them. Jesus had a little something to say about that I think (Rom. 12.14, Matt. 5.44).

There are other lessons worth teaching like even though they may not have much power or influence, like the little toad, they can still make a huge impact and the power of working together for a worthy goal.

The End

The illustrations are attractive and the story well told. Overall this is one of my favorite books to read to my kids. I love the simplicity of the story and the lessons it teaches and the illustrations seem to keep the kids attention. They both love it and my son can even tell you the story if you ask him. I also like the length. It’s written for kids 3-5 so it’s not that long and the words are at a level my kids understand. If Little Blue Truck isn’t in your library you should think about picking it up!

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