Riding Around Tuscaloosa

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  • Richard L. Platt Memorial Levee Trail – 2.5 miles

The best place to park is under the bridge at The Levee Restaurant (near Dreamland). That’s the halfway point so if you ride away from the restaurant and ride all the way to the end of the trail you can turn left and head toward the water to get a little longer ride. To get the whole Levee treatment turn around and go back past your car under the bridge and follow the trail across one of the roads. You’ll be able to see the trail across the road. It’s a pretty The Leveebusy road so be careful. The only thing I don’t love about this trail is how it ends. The trail just ends at a football field. They’ve put up a fence so you’re forced to go back. Overall the Levee is a great trail! It’s very flat and wide enough for two bikes to ride side by side. There is a pretty steep drop off from the trail so make sure you’re paying attention or you’ll end up in the trees!

After the 6 miles if you’re still wanting more it’s easy to get to downtown Northport from the Levee, then you could go across the bridge into Tuscaloosa and ride around there.

  • Northridge Road

This is across the road from Munny Sokol so that’s the best place to park. Ride over to Ole Colony Golf Course, the paved trail starts on the other side of the golf course and follows Northridge road. It’s an awesome paved trail, but Northridge Road Trailright now it’s pretty short. It stops at Rice Valley Road, but you can follow the sidewalk down Rice Valley Road to add a few more miles. I end at Canant Animal Hospital, because the sidewalk ends there and there’s not a great spot to ride back to Munny Sokol on Watermelon plus it’s super busy. All told (throw in Munny Sokol (1 mile) and the driveway down to Ole Colony and you’ll get a little over 10 miles total.

Download the map here (note: This is more than just the bike trail, but that’s kinda where it starts so it shouldn’t be that hard to find using the map)

Munny Sokol – 11 miles 

I like mountain biking, but I’ve only done select trails around Munny Sokol (apparently considered more for beginners than Lake Lurleen). The path I usually take is about 4.5 miles, but there’s over 11 miles of trails at Munny Sokol

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