Disaster Relief

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Our Story


On April 27th, 2011 an F4 tornado devastated Tuscaloosa. Since that day the Northport church of Christ has been involved in the rebuilding effort. Our congregation housed group after group that helped with the cleanup, but now we have moved into another phase of the relief effort. Habitat for Humanity is rebuilding the homes, but they don’t furnish them with anything so Northport has undertaken furnishing these people with all the accommodations that make a house a home. High Socks for Hope funds this project while our congregation houses the furniture and takes care of the delivery and set up. Here are some pictures of the happy new homeowners and their new furnishings.

New York


The Tuscaloosa tornado opened our eyes to all the natural disasters that strike around the country so when Hurricane Sandy hit New York we started making plans to aid the relief effort there. It wasn’t too long before we found the Long Island church of Christ doing exactly what we were doing. The churches of Christ Disaster Relief agency would send them a semi full of couches, fridges and stoves and they would rent U-hauls and go on deliveries all thru their city. When we arrived we jumped in some U-hauls and made deliveries for a week. Each morning we would arrive at the warehouse where they kept everything and load up the deliveries for that day. The guy over this project had a list of the families they had visited with and what each family needed so after consulting the list we loaded up what they needed, drove to their house and unloaded it for them. We met a lot of people and brought a lot of attention to the church in Long Island. You can see some pics here.

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