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In El Salvador we hand out bags of goodies to people. Those bags contain:

Beanie Babies                                                     Matchbox Cars
Toothbrushes                                                     Travel Size Toothpaste
Colored Pencils                                                  Girls’ dresses
Boys’ pants, shorts & tops                               Construction Paper
Glue Sticks                                                          Children’s scissors
Money to start a Children’s library @ the church at Olicultia

           If you’re cleaning out your closet and find some beanie babies from your earlier years we’d love to have them. They’re a big hit in El Salvador! If you want to go by the Dollar Store and pick up 8 packs of crayons that would be awesome too. We need all these items and we need as many of them as we can get our hands on! There is a huge need in El Salvador for the basic essentials and things that make children smile. There’s a bucket in the foyer of the Bethel church of Christ for these items to be put in. We’ll empty it out and replace it as it fills up. Will you help?

              You can also donate money and we’ll do the shopping for you. Over the last two weeks Kelly and I have gone to yard sales on Saturday and ended up with over 100 beanie babies thanks to the contribution of just a few people. We got all those beanie babies for about .30 cents a piece so a little money here can go a long way over there to brighten a child’s day. You can mail any donations to:

Chris French
Northport church of Christ
7821 Meadowlake Dr. W.
Northport, AL. 35473

Want to know more about what you’re contributing to? 

Awesome! We’d love to tell you!

                           We spend seven days in El Salvador. When we first get there we divide bags of rice and beans into 50 pound bags. There are around 700 bags. Every morning we’ll take 100-200 bags containing food to the congregation of the day (we’ll visit 6 congregations in 5 days). When we get there we’ll start a VBS for the kids and a Gospel Meeting for the adults. I’m speaking at one of the congregations, so that’s pretty exciting. I’ll have to learn Spanish before next year so I don’t have to wait on the interpreter! After the Gospel Meeting and the VBS we’ll hand out the food bags and the kid’s bags (the stuff we’re collecting goes in the kid’s bags).

                 Let me tell you a little more about the VBS held at these congregations. Last year the Salvadorans wanted to write their own VBS skit over Sampson and Delilah. You know what that’s called? Ownership! That’s what the church nationwide is trying to get people to do. Sacrifice something of yours to make God’s kingdom better. It changes you! These people spend a lot of time making sure the skit is true, but also that it is well rehearsed. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in charge of a VBS or not, but it’s not the simplest thing to pull off. They came to our team and asked if they could take this burden. They did it with joy and they did it well! That’s growth any way you count it. These trips are working! This year the skit is over Abraham and Isaac.

                    After the VBS and Gospel Meeting are over there will be some physical work for some of the guys. This year we’ll be putting in ceiling fans and maybe some other stuff. While part of our crew is doing the manual labor the other part spend time with the kids. They bring massive amounts of bubbles to blow and lots of balloons for balloon animals. I can’t wait to try out my skills!

           We’ll also be visiting a children’s hospital and an orphanage this year. The group did the children’s hospital last year, but the orphanage is a new place so everyone’s really excited about the trip growing into a new facet of ministry! We’ve been picking up some baby toys at yard sales as we find them for the kids at the orphanage.

Don’t take my word on it though. You should come next year! It would be great if we could get our own group from Bethel that goes every year!

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