Tanzania, Africa

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Back in 2007 Kelly and I went to Arusha, Tanzania with a group from Freed-Hardeman University. It was an amazing trip! We stayed two weeks and just about every day was packed with evangelism. During our first week we handed out flyers as we walked up and down the streets in Arusha. Every day we would stop because our translator had found someone who was interested in talking about Jesus. I distinctly remember the first time this happened. I thought we were just going to be handing out flyers because my backpack is full of them! I left our resort that morning thinking I was going to hand out around 1,000 flyers.

We had been handing out flyers for about 15 minutes when the latest victim of my flyer frenzy stopped and said something in Swahili. Our translator told me what he said and we opened up the Bible and started a Bible study. Now you’ve got to understand that I was fairly young and I was in a weird place and this had NEVER happened to me before so we got off to a shaky start Africa childrenin this particular study. I’m nervous and thinking frantically trying to answer his follow up question when I look up and see a few more people around him listening to what I was saying. We stay for about 30 minutes talking about how to be saved and by the time we left there were around 30 people standing on the side of the street listening to ME! Talk about a humbling experience! One by one they came up to listen to what this stranger was saying and when they heard that I was talking about Jesus they stayed! They wanted to know more!

To see our pictures and videos from the first trip, including an amazing safari, click here.

During the second week we took a more focused approach and did some followup Bible studies with people around the city. Usually these would start in someone’s home, but would have to move outside because their neighbors were coming to hear the Africa Kellygood news we were talking about. Now we’ve got the chance to go back and I’m very excited! It’s easy to get discouraged here in America, but in Africa people are thirsting for the Word and Northport just happens to have a great mission work located along what is shaping up to the African Egnation Way. There’s a brand new main road that is skirting the Serengeti allowing travelers and merchants an easy way to traverse Tanzania. With a congregation of the Lord’s people on this road the Gospel could literally spread all over Tanzania and Africa! Right now there is a Preacher Training School in this area that Northport supports, but while we’re there we will also build two church buildings for the congregations the Mosquito River church of Christ has planted and do evangelism all over this area.

The people want to hear what God has to say. He’s provided a way to quickly disperse His message to the entire continent and put us in the perfect spot to do so! All that’s left is for someone to tell them. There is a local missionary and the church is already in this area, but “many hands make light work” so we will lend our hands to help and throw every ounce of encouragement and love we can at the people who will still be doing God’s work in this area long after we’ve gone.

What can you do?

1. Pray. Everything seems to be falling into place from our perspective. Ask Him to continue to open doors so hungry hearts can learn about Him.

2. Donate. Obviously this will be an expensive trip. If you’d like to donate you can do so online via your PayPal account or debit card. If you feel more comfortable you can send a check to:

Northport church of Christ
2700 44th Ave.
Northport, AL. 35476

Earmark these checks to Africa so they are put in the right mission account.

3. Share. When you click on the Go Fund Me link it will take you to our page where you have the option to pay online, but you’ll also see a social media “share” button. Please share our trip with your friends. We all know different people and one of your friends might be interested in supporting the work here too.

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